3/8" Heavy Duty SpeedStack Nylon Threaded Legs (5 pack)

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  • Hi-Strength food safe nylon
  • Threaded for easy height Adjustment
  • Color Coded for easy selection and sorting
  • 3/8" diameter legs fit 12"-14" SpeedStack Supports
  • sold in packs of 5 legs each

    These Heavy Duty color coded nylon legs are designed to be used with the larger 12"-14" Speedstack Cake Supports. Great for 4-6 tiered heavy cakes. 5 legs used per support for extra weight capacity!

    When used in conjunction with the SpeedStack Cake Height Guage you will never have to use a ruler again to stack your cakes. 

    Each Leg allows up to 5/8" height adjustment. For example-

    RED leg is 1-7/8"" long (fits 1-7/8" -2-1/2" tier)

    ORANGE leg is 2-1/2" long  (fits 2-1/2"-3-1/8" tier)

    YELLOW leg is 3-1/8" long (fits 3-1/8"-3-3/4" tier)

    GREEN leg is 3-3/4" long (fits 3-3/4"-4-3/8"" tier)

    BLUE leg is 4-3/8" long (fits 4-3/8"-5" tier)

    PURPLE leg is 5" long (fits 5"-5-5/8" tier)

    GREY leg is 5-5/8" long (fits 5-5/8"-6-1/4"tier