5/16" Diameter SpeedStack Cake Support Nylon Legs (4 pack)

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  • Hi-Strength food safe nylon
  • Threaded for easy height Adjustment
  • Color Coded for easy selection and sorting
  • 5/16" diameter legs fit 3"-10" SpeedStack Supports
  • Set of 4 legs

    These color coded nylon legs allow you to easily find the size you need! When used in conjunction with the SpeedStack Cake Height Guage you will never have to use a ruler again to stack your cakes. 

    Each color leg will adjust for up to 5/8" of cake height. For example:

    RED leg is 1-7/8"" long (fits 1-7/8" -2-1/2" tier)

    ORANGE leg is 2-1/2" long  (fits 2-1/2"-3-1/8" tier)

    YELLOW leg is 3-1/8" long (fits 3-1/8"-3-3/4" tier)

    GREEN leg is 3-3/4" long (fits 3-3/4"-4-3/8"" tier)

    BLUE leg is 4-3/8" long (fits 4-3/8"-5" tier)

    PURPLE leg is 5" long (fits 5"-5-5/8" tier)

    GREY leg is 5-5/8" long (fits 5-5/8"-6-1/4"tier