SpeedStack Cake Support System 3 Tier Starter Set

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The SpeedStack System allows you to securely stack a 3 tiered cake in less than 5 minutes...with NO Ruler and NO CUTTING DOWEL STICKS. The revolutionary Cake Tier Height Guage allows you to select the proper legs and adjust to perfect height with no rulers, measuring, or cutting dowels. The polypropylene supports, elite cake boards,  and color coded nylon threaded legs are nearly indestructible. The threaded baseboard and Oak center rod precisely center the cake tiers and prevent any sideways motion. All parts are washable/re-usable for years of stress free cake stacking. Included is a FREE Cake Tier Height Guage. ($19.95 Value!)

The SpeedStack 3 Tier Starter Set Includes:

  • 1- 14" Diameter x 1/2" Thick Threaded Base Board
  • 1- 10" Threaded Oak Center Rod 
  • 1- 7" Speedstack Polypropylene Support
  • 1- 4" Speedstack Polypropylene Support
  • 8- Yellow Nylon Threaded Legs (for tiers up to 3-3/4")
  • 8- Green Nylon Threaded Legs (for tiers up to 4-3/8")
  • 1-12" Elite Round Cake Board
  • 1-  9" Elite Round Cake Board
  • 1-  6" Elite Round Cake Board
  • 1-  Speedstack Cake Color Coded Cake Tier Height Guage