Speedstack Cake Support System (SEE VIDEO DEMO BELOW!)

  • Supports are made from hi-strength food safe polypropylene
  • Color coded legs are hi-strength food safe nylon
  • Cake Height Guage for fast/simple stacking
  • Stack a 3 tier cake perfectly in 5 MINUTES!
  • Can support 6 tiered cakes easily
  • Washable and reusable!

The Speedstack Cake Support System has been designed by Steve Chlupsa from The Cake Artist. After the frustration of cutting thousands of dowel rods this new system was designed. The polypropylene supports and the nylon legs are threaded which allows each different colored leg to work for a range of cake thicknesses. The supports can be used with or without our custom cake bases/center rods/ Elite cake boards. The Speedstack Cake Height Guage is color coded to the nylon legs. This allows you to quickly measure your cake thickness, lock in the measurement and tells you the proper color leg to use. Then simply screw in the legs to the support and slide support with legs under the Height guage. Screw legs in/out until they clear the height guage and you are ready to insert support into cake and repeat for the next tier. With this system a 3 tiered cake can be perfectly stacked in less than 5 MINUTES.